The Guy Chase Academy of Martial Arts is the East Coast’s premier center for traditional and authentic martial arts training. Established in 1992, GCAMA is among a handful of professional martial arts academies that are certified and qualified to teach these rare Authentic Martial Art forms and systems.

We conduct ourselves as a premier professional martial arts academy that supports all levels of learning proper martial arts instruction, belt rank development and ancient philosophical studies that build confidence, control and goal direction in all of our academy members. We are known globally with a long history of national and international students that extends from legendary masters and founders of rare martial art systems.

The Guy Chase Academy Of Martial Arts is a professional martial arts training facility located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, that ensures the highest level of training in the martial arts industry. Our dedication to higher standards since 1992 has set us apart from the rest. With over 37 years of experience, GCAMA takes pride in its commitment to represent the best quality martial art training and education programs that can be obtained. You will find that your investment as a member of our academy is a life-long value. Introducing a balanced martial arts system that blends ancient philosophy with authentic rare martial arts forms is our foundation. Our education and experience with some of the most rare martial arts systems and lineage that can be obtained has built our facility to be the most dynamic in the business.

We encourage you not only as a potential member but also as a consumer to research the extensive background and education of all martial art instructors and facilities. You will find that we are the most qualified Martial Arts Academy that is recognized and certified by world wide Martial Arts and Sports Councils, Ministries of Education of foreign countries in historical and literary martial arts education and philosophy which sets us apart from the rest.

The GCAMA offers a unique menu of martial arts and fitness training rarely found in the United States. The Dragons Program for children ages 5 to 8 offers children fun and active exercises to learn a fundamental structure within a traditional martial arts format. Our Junior Classes offer children ages 9 to 13 a more complex and authentic martial arts training program, imparting old-school wisdom, discipline, self awareness and confidence. Adult Classes offer training in authentic martial arts forms, ancient philosophy and physical fitness that enhances a high level of success. For fitness enthusiasts, the popular MMA Fitness Hour is a one-hour program that is designed to motivate and physically whip you into shape held during your lunch hour on Mondays and Wednesdays.

If martial arts is what you’re looking for look search through our systems section and you will find something that suits your martial arts interests and needs. The Guy Chase Academy of Martial Arts is among a very select few institutions in the United States officially recognized for its instruction in Jeet Kune Do, French Savate, Filipino Kali, Indonesian Silat, Muay Thai, Gotch Submission Shootfighting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.