Guru Guy Chase

Guy Chase, a native of the New Hampshire Seacoast, found his path to martial arts at an early age and would eventually take him around the world. At the age of 9 in Newburyport, Massachusetts he began studying Kodokan Judo under Sensei Herby Crooks where he would rise through the ranks to black belt status. Chase’s interest in multiple martial arts at an early age also took him to black belt levels in Kenpo Karate and Kung Fu by the age of 15. Today, he is considered one of the most knowledgeable and high-ranking instructors in the martial arts world with 39 years of experience to his credit.

Guy is recognized and certified as one the youngest disciples under the legendary Sifu Tom Tam. Tam, a political refuge from China, is a world renowned author, philosopher, and master of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong. Sifu Tam has is among the best-known students of Sifu Gin Soon Chu, the fifth generation of the Yang Tai Chi Chuan family who is the descendent of Grandmaster Yang Shou Chong. Tam founded Oriental Cultural Institute in Boston, Massachusetts and is widely known for his eastern healing methods and Chinese Martial Arts education. Chase studied traditional Chinese martial arts including Wing Chun, Hung Gar, Wu Shu, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Gung under the direct supervision of Sifu Tam.

JEET KUNE DO: The Martial Art Of Bruce Lee
While attending a training camp at the age of 18 with legendary martial art instructor Guro Dan Inosanto, Inosanto invited teenage Chase to become a full-time member at the Inosanto Academy in the 1980’s and to serve as a core apprentice and live-in student. For almost a decade Chase trained and instructed at the legendary academy as a staff member while training in Bruce Lee’s martial art, Jeet Kune Do as well as Filipino Kali. Chase was classmates with the late Brandon Lee and several others which was one of the only Mixed Martial Arts academies established at that time which was the direct descent of the Bruce Lee’s teachings. Chase would come to be certified under Dan Inosanto in Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts. Chase was also directly under Guro Ted Lucaylucay and Father Guro Lucky Lucaylucay, the last known Panatukan Filipino Boxers of our time.

During those same years of the 1980’s Chase also became a first generation full time student under the late Pendakar Herman Suwanda in Silat, the Indonesian Martial Art. Guy became one of the first instructors in Mande Muda Silat in the United States and was a close disciple of Herman Suwanda. Guy introduced some of the first public training videos on Silat in the United States.

Chase expanded his studies adding French Savate to his knowledge beginning in 1984 under world renowned Professor Salem Assli, 7 time world champion Robert Paturel and Mixed Martial Arts Savate fighter Frederic Belleton. Chase earned his professorship, Silver Glove and Bronze Glove from the Savate Federation in Paris, France and is one of the few Americans to posses such a high degree from the Federation. Chase, also known for his skillful level of technique in Savate, has been responsible for much spread of its popularity in the U.S.

Chase returned to the east coast in 1992 opening the first Mixed Martial Arts school in Boston, Massachusetts and also found himself with the rare opportunity to train with the legendary Karl Gotch. In 1993 he became a daily student under the tutelage of Gotch, the founder of modern Shootfighting. Gotch known around the world for his submission holds and techniques – also known as the man with a 1,000 submission locks – is among the last of the great Catch Can Wrestlers. He is known throughout Japan as the “God Of Grappling” for introducing Shootfighting to giant promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling. Several of Gotch’s students from Japan laid the foundation for famous MMA fight organizations such as Pancrase, Shooto and Pride before their popularity grew in the United States. Chase is one of the few people to study closely with Karl Gotch and teaches this unique system today to young enthusiasts. Gotch was a true master.

Chase continued his extensive studies in in 1996 when the opportunity came to expand his knowledge under Tuhan Mel Lopez and Upong Tuhan Ben Largusa in the Filipino system of Kali. Largusa, famed for the establishment of Villabrille/Largusa Kali system, exposed Filipino martial arts to the public for the first time at Ed Parker’s famous Long Beach tournament in 1965. Teaching other world-renowned martial artists like Dan Inosanto, Largusa is known for his in-depth knowledge of the Filipino Martial Arts as well as his protege, Flora Villabrille. Villabrille, the famed death-match champion fighter of the Filipino territory, went undefeated in over 100 matches. Villabrille is known for his unmatched techniques and was famed for learning under a blind female master named Josephine from the island Sumor who was untouchable in weaponry. Tuhan Mel Lopez and Upong Ben Largusa awarded Chase his Guroship diploma during the traditional blood ceremony and was encouraged to spread the system’s history and traditions to the West.

Guy Chase extended his horizons in martial arts studies in 1996 by adding Chado Tea Ceremony to his repetoire. Many Samurai during Japan’s feudal eras, including Japan’s legend Miyamoto Musashi, studied and held Chado in high regard. Chado was permitted only by monks, emperors, nobles or samurai at the time. Guy Chase studied directly under Sensei Kikuyo Sikino from the Omotesenke, “First School Of Tea”. Kikuyo Sikino was a great source of learning during Guy’s journey in seeking the connection and philosophy between tea and martial arts. Being Guy Chase’s only female teacher, Kikuyo Sinkino while in her mid-eighties taught him the traditions and honor of Chado and Zen. Guy Chase considers Kikuyo Sinkino one of his greatest instructors.

MUAY THAI: The Fighting Arts Of Siam
While in the mid 1980′s, one of Guy Chase’s first teachers, Arjan Siriate Chaisurate, continued his knowledge and expansion and by the mid 1990s with influences like Bunkard. Guy Chase took up studying Muay Thai in Thailand. Studying in legendary camps such as Yodtong Phattya and Kaewsamrit, Bangkok brought Guy to a higher, advanced level of Muay Thai practice. Chase, also influenced by several schools of Krabi Krabong, gained an in-depth understanding of this ancient weapons form of Thailand. Chase credits many boxers & trainers like Anuwat Kaewsamrit, Khunpinit Kiattawan, Chanapet Gratingdaeng, that had a great influence on his knowledge and abilties.

Everyone Is Welcome

The Guy Chase Academy for Martial Arts offers classes in varying
disciplines for all ages, skill levels, and group sizes.

Everyone Is Welcome

The Guy Chase Academy for Martial Arts offers classes in varying
disciplines for all ages, skill levels, and group sizes.
147 Congress Street | Portsmouth, NH 03801