Learning is a constant process of discovery. A process without end.” This insightful quote spoken by the infamous Bruce Lee, has been a constant thread throughout my life. In an effort to hone my fighting skills to a higher level, I joined the Guy Chase Academy almost two years ago. After performing my due diligence researching the backgrounds of local martial arts instructors, I came across the biography of Guru Guy Chase and I instantly knew that this was the school for me. Guru Guy Chase is one of the foremost martial artists alive today with a lifetime committed to learning the arts from some of the great masters of our time. From Guro Dan Inosanto to Herman Suwanda to Karl Gotch, Guru Guy’s unique experience, gifted abilities, and fierce dedication to his students makes his academy the ultimate in martial arts instruction. I have grown both physically and spiritually under Guru Guy’s guidance and his tutelage has made me not only a better fighter, but a better man.

My identical twin daughters, Ava Rain and Grace Rose, are also members of this exclusive academy, and have grown into accomplished martial artists with Guru Guy’s expert instruction. The physicality, emotional content, and discipline of this school has helped our girls grow into fine young women and these skills will serve them well in the years to come. It makes a father proud to see such skill and determination in his young daughters and this is a testament to the dedication and teaching abilities of both Guru Guy and his lead instructor, Timothy Hagan. They both have that special gift in teaching Guru Guy’s encyclopedic knowledge of the martial arts to not only adults, but children as well.

So, if you are looking to learn and grow in the authentic martial arts and fulfill your yearning for invaluable knowledge and skill, the Guy Chase Academy, this shiny gem right here in our own backyard, offers the ultimate in martial arts instruction. Take advantage of the proximity of this famous master and you can become the martial artist you have always dreamed you could be.